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Fast delivery

we employ a number of different drivers to ensure fast, smooth and efficient pickup and delivery of any such items. We try our best to work environmentally friendly and prefer to do a pickup and a delivery at the same time but we ensure that our clients' best interest is always our number one priority.

item inspection

we perform a condition report of your items before and after being in our care to ensure we return items to you exactly as you last left them. Our secure and regularly backed-up computer system keeps track of your stored items and ensures their continued safety and confidentiality.

boxing service

we are fully ensured and are capable of packing your items for a fee of £20ph. We work closely with another company with a proven track record for even more delicate and/or precious cargo.


we offer have lots of space to suit any size of storage request. We offer very secure, consistent, efficient storage solutions for a very fair price. We have our pricing guidelines on our website and please feel free to call us to discuss in more detail.

Good Move Services


We will store your items in our highly secure industrial purpose built storage unit in East Kilbride.

The unit has both internal and external security cameras in addition to being alarmed at night time and 2 walk-round security guards as well. We can pickup your things for you or you can do it yourself.

Prices vary depending on size, availability, duration and pickup requirements.

We also offer an even higher level of security designed for data storage, artwork, important paperwork and smaller items with sentimental value (greeting cards, old toys or games, jewellery and more)

Standard Storage

Size-square fee


Cost Per Month


Same area as a large cupboard – enough for the typical student’s essentials removal/ Summer storage



Same area as a standard garden shed – enough for a room or small-medium studio removal



Same area as a small bedroom – enough for a small flat removal



Same area as a standard garage – enough for an entire standard flat removal



Same area as a 2 garages side by side – enough for an entire  standard house removal



Give us a call with your requirements


Dedicated Safe Room



Cost Per Month
(no minimum term)

Individual small file

sized to store in 1 a4 cellophane packet


Individual large file

sized to sore with 1 large lever-arch file


Individual artwork

Stored carefully in a relevant sized locked container– fully insured


Small Drawer (approx. 0.08m3)

space for a reem of A4 paper and some other smaller items


Medium Drawer (approx. 0.3 m3

enough space for several folders, a laptop and other similar sized items)


Large Drawer (approx. 1 m3)

enough space for several large folders, other paperwork, board games, a desktop computer and even some artwork


Large Cabinet (approx. 5m3)

Large enough for several desktop computers, high value stock (including rare or limited addition drinks, collective items, clothing and other such objects)


5m2 of open floor space (still in the extra secure unit)

Large enough for an entire item of large furniture plus more space to use as you wish


Lower rates can be negotiated for longer minimum terms

Rates do not include pickup or delivery costs


We provide removals to and from anywhere in the UK. for a very fair price. 

We cover removals from small flat moves to large commercial projects. Our removals team are very experienced and have been responsible for transporting multiple high-value items.

With our own packing essentials and ensure everything moves from A to B without damage. Please get in touch to find out more.

End of tenancy cleaning

We provide an extensive end of tenancy cleaning service. 

We employ a large network of cleaners who we know we can trust to do a good job for a good price. 

With the right staff, good chemicals and trusted equipment we can offer a fantastic service at a highly competitive price.


We offer a comprehensive clear-out service from planning, transportation, waste management, storage and resale (where applicable). 

We can clear out anything from large offices and similar commercial spaces right through to small commercial units and even simple flat or house clear-outs. 

Please contact us to discuss pricing as we may be able to proceed with little or no fees directly to you.

Those services are our core services that we provide but we do offer a large range of other services that may interest you. 

Why not get in touch today to see how we can help.

Contact Us

Office number: 0131 564 0992

Mobile number: +44 7444 553 127

Email address: info@goodmoveuk.co.uk


Unit 7, Nasmyth Avenue, 

East Kilbride Technology Park, East Kilbride, G75 0QR

Our opening times for our office is: 8am – 8pm

We continue to read through emails and take calls on our mobile number out with our opening time.

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